About Us

ArtisticPortraits.net is a blog online where you can see a collection of portrait images submitted by our photographers and other photographers from our Facebook and other social media platforms where they tagged us. We have been in this industry for a quite while now and been doing the collection of portraits for more than 8 years and under the new management, we are able to come up again with ideas on how to maintain this blog and how to make this blog live again.

We are very happy that under the new team, we are able to get more and more portrait images from different photographers and with our active writers, they were also able to provide us more and more content to supply the blog section of this site.

If you want to be part of the team, you can contact us using this form here with your name, country of residence and a sample of your portrait works. We will be happy to add your image in our gallery section of this blog and feature your name into our social media.

Again, we thank you and looking forward to be part of our team.