Cheap Stock Photos versus Free Photos

If you will have to choose between using cheap stock photos or free photos for your creative projects, which would you choose? Many would easily jump into the free photos for sure. They may believe the saying that the best things in life are free. While that saying may be true in other situations, it is not applicable to the creative industry. In fact, free photos come with greater risks as they lack the necessary permissions and documents.


When a friend recommends a source for free images for your marketing and storytelling strategies, politely decline. Free photos may save you a few bucks compared to buying cheap stock photos from these agencies, but they come with a certain level of risk. They can cost you your entire profit and even more when you get caught by the copyright police. Worse, you and your company will get a reputation hit that you may not be able to get out from.

What is a few bucks for cheap stock photos compared to a damaged reputation and finances? There is a huge difference between a cheapskate and a thrifty person. A cheapskate will do what it takes to get even – even if it means getting what they need legally. A thrifty person knows how to manage their finances. They find ways to get what they need without going beyond their budget. Don’t be cheap. Only stock photos should be cheap.

What makes cheap stock photos better than their free counterparts? You may think that free photos are better but they’re not. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase cheap photos instead of using the free ones in the Internet:

  • They are affordable. While there are expensive stock photos, there are also cheap ones. These cheap stock photos are not less of effective as well. Many of them have high quality and are royalty free. This means you can get the best images to enhance you message without breaking your bank.
  • They have the necessary documents. These stock images come with the right permits and releases so you can use them freely in any project for as long as you like. This is true for royalty free images. If you are looking to purchase another license, you can also do so. Just check with your stock photo site.

Cheap stock photos is the best you can get for your creative projects. You do not have to worry about overspending or getting caught by the copyright police. They are legal so you can use them freely as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions stipulated in the license agreement. Why should you risk your reputation for a few bucks? Purchase cheap stock images instead and jump-start your projects without having to worry.