Why Should You Purchase Images for Commercial Use?

With millions of high quality choices in the market, why do you need to purchase images for commercial use? For starters, most royalty-free images can be used commercially. The standard or basic license that comes with them allows you to use the images in advertising, marketing and other promotional materials. However, an Extended License is required if you wish to print over 300,000 copies or create your own merchandise for resale.

While you can download free images from Google, they simply do not have the right license to protect you against copyright infringement. This means you are risking your money and your reputation for trying to save a few bucks. Licensing images for commercial use, on the other hand, comes with perpetual usage rights that allow you to use the images in any project for as long as you wish. Get an Extended License, and you get to enjoy more benefits.

When do you need an Extended License?

  • You intend to distribute more than the intended limit of copies.
  • You want to use the photo in designs that will be sold for profit.

An Extended License is like an upgraded version of the standard license. It extends the usage rights you get with the latter, while removing certain limitations and adding other very useful rights. It is also a one-time fee model, so you can use the image multiple times without additional costs.

When you purchase photos for commercial use with an Extended License, you can legally use them into products to be sold repeatedly to multiple clients. You don’t have to worry about production runs either because the image can be used in unlimited reproductions.

What is the best source of buying images for commercial use?

  • iStock offers millions of high quality stock photos for commercial use. Curated in two collections, you can get them with subscriptions or credit packs. However, the Extended License is available on-demand with credits only. Every image with this license is priced at 18 credits. Depending on the pack you buy, this will cost you between $144 and $170.
  • Shutterstock boasts the largest stock photo collection in the market with over 100 million images. Extended License, known as Enhanced, is available on-demand starting at 2 images for $199. Of course, the larger pack you buy means the bigger your savings. Depending on how many you want to buy, Shutterstock images for commercial use will cost you between $68 and $99.50 each.
  • Stock Photo Secrets offers, by far, the cheapest deals in the market at $80 regular price per Extended License image. Customers with an active subscription at the stock site gets to enjoy 50% discount, allowing them to purchase stock photos for commercial use for as low as $40 each – a fraction of the price from other established stock sites. Depending on the size of the image pack, you can purchase images between $22 and $60 each.

Among the three reputable stock photo sites, the best place to buy stock photos for commercial use is Stock Photo Secrets. SPS offers handpicked premium images for very affordable prices. For small and mid-sized businesses, this is the perfect Extended License source.

Using Cheap Stock Video Footage 101

Cheap stock video footage can save you both time and money. With just a few clicks, you can immediately purchase and download videos clips that are ready for use.

Let’s say your client asked you to create a short video about a contest that includes a top prize trip to Hawaii. While you can convince your client to send you to attend the luaus and the drink at the tiki bars, the chances of pulling it off is pretty slim. Thankfully, you can get an already-filmed footage of Hawaiian sunset or Luau party. In exchange of your compensation, this is a pretty valid alternative that offers close if not the same results.

The Internet is filled with a number of stock footages. Some are free. Some are cheap. But, there are others that are expensive. In your case, you will probably do well with a cheap stock video footage. There are a lot of variations in stock libraries, you will have ample of time selecting the clip that fits your project. Some of the stock sites that offer cheap videos include Shutterstock and iStock. If you are looking for more sophisticated ones, you can try Getty Images.

You will run into various pricing and plans with different stock media agencies. Prices may vary according to the quality and resolution of the cheap stock video footage. For web purposes, you can get one video clip for a lower price. On the other hand, high definition (HD) and 4K footages can be obtained for a higher costs, probably at least a hundred dollars. Historical footages are also more expensive and can reach up to $500 a piece.

Since the stock footage is unchangeable, you should be flexible. You can use the help of an editor, or if you have the skills, you can edit the video clips yourself to suit your creative needs. You can play with lighting, color grading and color correcting to do your own little magic and make the scene you wanted. With cheap stock video footage a few editing tricks, you will be able to create a video that matches your theme and, most of all, that your client will like.

With cheap stock video footage, you may not actually need to go to Hawaii. You can save a lot of time from travelling and setting up the location. You can also save a lot of money from travel costs, food, equipment, and talents. You do not need to secure model releases and special permits. Stock footage has everything you need in one – for a much lower cost that shooting your video. The only rule you need to follow is the agreement that comes with your purchase. In projects like these, you need to the smarter thing.

Where to Get Instant WordPress Photo Upload Plugin

Are you looking for a place to get instant wordpress photo upload plugin? Well, you don’t have to look very far. We currently know of a website where you can download photos, add them to your media library and post them on your webpage. PixelRockstar is the website you have been looking for. It features over 4 million professional quality images that come with a custom digital license.

What’s a custom digital license you ask? It’s PixelRockstar’s very own license. Simple and safe, it is designed specifically for digital use. Compared to traditional image sources, it has less limitations. This means you can use the images in the following ways:

  • In websites and social media accounts that your own directly
  • For any publishing purpose forever

However, the use of images for sexual and hate context is still and always will be prohibited. You cannot edit them to convey illegal messages, too. You are also not allowed to sell, share and distribute the images. Any physical use of the images from the website is not allowed as well.

Why should you get instant wordpress photo upload plugin? When choosing an image source, go with quality and safety. PixelRockstar offer images that are legally safe to use. Most of all, the site provides professional quality images at a very low cost. Keep in mind that your budget and creative needs are the main factors you need to consider. And, PixelRockstar has the perfect package for you.

Many stock photo agencies do not really cover the needs of a blogger. Thankfully, PixelRockstar provides a better solution to using professional images in blogs. It simplifies every aspect of the issue by providing high quality, affordable photos. With a very wide collection of quality photos, bloggers certainly have a lot of options to enhance their articles and social media posts.


Define your Cheap Stock Photos Criteria

Are you deciding between hiring a photographer and buying cheap stock photos? You should always consider your creative needs and budget. For a larger budget and unique needs, you will do well with sourcing a professional. But if you are under time and money constraints, buying stock photos is the better choice. When finding cheap stock photos, you should define your image criteria and do the following:

  • You should know what you are looking for.
  • Always remind yourself of the concept you want to convey.
  • Take insight from the people you are working with to cover all the bases.
  • Always have a few back up options.

Search engines do not always provide the most tangible concepts perfect for your creative needs. That’s why you need to have a few options ready, so you won’t get stuck looking at the same type of stock photos. For instance, you are looking for images related to women returning from maternity leave, school to work transition or unemployment. This list should be part of your back up options:

  • Interview
  • Agreement
  • Intern
  • Women at work
  • Young people

When you enter a keyword to find what you are looking for, sometimes it does not give you the best results. You can get images that are too clichéd or ones that are used everywhere. Yes, some results are too common that will make it difficult for your readers to associate the cheap stock photos to your company or brand. This means you need to focus on other angles to make your campaign different than other companies, most of all your competitors.

Defining you image criteria will help you find better results. If you know what you are looking for, the chances of getting it will be higher. Remember that search engines don’t always provide the perfect results. You need to have back up options.


Cheap Stock Photos versus Free Photos

If you will have to choose between using cheap stock photos or free photos for your creative projects, which would you choose? Many would easily jump into the free photos for sure. They may believe the saying that the best things in life are free. While that saying may be true in other situations, it is not applicable to the creative industry. In fact, free photos come with greater risks as they lack the necessary permissions and documents.


When a friend recommends a source for free images for your marketing and storytelling strategies, politely decline. Free photos may save you a few bucks compared to buying cheap stock photos from these agencies, but they come with a certain level of risk. They can cost you your entire profit and even more when you get caught by the copyright police. Worse, you and your company will get a reputation hit that you may not be able to get out from.

What is a few bucks for cheap stock photos compared to a damaged reputation and finances? There is a huge difference between a cheapskate and a thrifty person. A cheapskate will do what it takes to get even – even if it means getting what they need legally. A thrifty person knows how to manage their finances. They find ways to get what they need without going beyond their budget. Don’t be cheap. Only stock photos should be cheap.

What makes cheap stock photos better than their free counterparts? You may think that free photos are better but they’re not. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase cheap photos instead of using the free ones in the Internet:

  • They are affordable. While there are expensive stock photos, there are also cheap ones. These cheap stock photos are not less of effective as well. Many of them have high quality and are royalty free. This means you can get the best images to enhance you message without breaking your bank.
  • They have the necessary documents. These stock images come with the right permits and releases so you can use them freely in any project for as long as you like. This is true for royalty free images. If you are looking to purchase another license, you can also do so. Just check with your stock photo site.

Cheap stock photos is the best you can get for your creative projects. You do not have to worry about overspending or getting caught by the copyright police. They are legal so you can use them freely as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions stipulated in the license agreement. Why should you risk your reputation for a few bucks? Purchase cheap stock images instead and jump-start your projects without having to worry.