Define your Cheap Stock Photos Criteria

Are you deciding between hiring a photographer and buying cheap stock photos? You should always consider your creative needs and budget. For a larger budget and unique needs, you will do well with sourcing a professional. But if you are under time and money constraints, buying stock photos is the better choice. When finding cheap stock photos, you should define your image criteria and do the following:

  • You should know what you are looking for.
  • Always remind yourself of the concept you want to convey.
  • Take insight from the people you are working with to cover all the bases.
  • Always have a few back up options.

Search engines do not always provide the most tangible concepts perfect for your creative needs. That’s why you need to have a few options ready, so you won’t get stuck looking at the same type of stock photos. For instance, you are looking for images related to women returning from maternity leave, school to work transition or unemployment. This list should be part of your back up options:

  • Interview
  • Agreement
  • Intern
  • Women at work
  • Young people

When you enter a keyword to find what you are looking for, sometimes it does not give you the best results. You can get images that are too clichéd or ones that are used everywhere. Yes, some results are too common that will make it difficult for your readers to associate the cheap stock photos to your company or brand. This means you need to focus on other angles to make your campaign different than other companies, most of all your competitors.

Defining you image criteria will help you find better results. If you know what you are looking for, the chances of getting it will be higher. Remember that search engines don’t always provide the perfect results. You need to have back up options.